Get your PRAISE on!!!!

>> Friday, June 22, 2012

Get your PRAISE on!!!  :)

It's amazing how much better your day, not to mention your whole life,  will be if you are praising God!

You can praise God with your mouth, with your hands lifted to him, or by the way you live as a living example of praise and encouragement.

I am really focusing on this lately and it's changed my whole outlook!  I feel better, I feel JOY and I know that I am praising the KING OF KINGS!

Also, consider what an example this would be to your family, the people in your life, and even those who get to know you as a new friend.  You will be a blessing and a joy to know!

My kids are JOYFUL when I am joyful!  They will even say, "Mommy, we love it when you are so happy!"  That's huge to me because it had been a long time since I felt true joy and true happiness.

It will change everything.  Be and live as someone who has their PRAISE on!!!!


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