A Blessing! Many Children!

>> Monday, August 13, 2012

I must say it's been busy in our household as of lately.

Our friends, the Autrey family, are moving into a new home they have just purchased!  It is very exciting to all of us!

In the mean time we are having lots of fun!  The Autrey girls are my "God-children."  I love them very much and they love us.  They are staying with us while their Mommy and Daddy get their home all ready for them.  During the day we have a lot of fun around here and the girls love having their best buds here with them.  I love it too!  I always wanted a huge family!  Having six children with me has been extra work but way more extra joy!  They are all six such great kids.  They are a blessing to me!

At night, we are taking turns cooking!  One night my friend, Leslie, made chili.  My husband is sure it is the best chili he has ever eaten!  It was so delicious!  We made frito chili pies with it!  So yum!  Last night I made chicken and spaghetti and Leslie cooked the buttered bread to go with it.  Tonight is her turn again and she is making chocolate chip pancakes!  I can't wait!  She makes really good pancakes and we haven't had homemade ones since the last time she made them!  Mmmmm!!

They are moving just a few blocks from us and we are super happy about that.  We all love to get together!  Her husband, Tony, is one of Kenny's best friends... and he's a great friend to me also!  We all have such a fun time hanging out!  The men play games on the computers and talk while Les and I hang out and the children play.

Today, I hope we all can think of friends we are truly blessed with!


My sweetheart started his new job Today!

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today, my husband started his new job!

We have missed him a lot!  Sarah has cried for him several times today.  We've done a lot though!

I'm keeping a daily list of what we eat and what we accomplish.  We've gotten so much done today that my husband will be delighted when he comes home!  We've also played UNO and such in between doing things.  We've all had fun!

It has been wonderful.  I prayed God would help us have a wonderful and productive day!  He answered!  My husband will also be coming home to a hot meal.

I'm so happy when things go this way.  I love being a servant to my family - it gives me such joy.  A routine is so nice to have.  I already have tomorrow planned out as well.  :)  We love working and playing together!  Today has been the best of two worlds!!!!



God has blessed us again!

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God has carried us through about 9  months at home.  We've been through our savings and have had just his unemployment.  We bought a house just before we came home from Kenny's job in Dallas.  We have trusted God to provide for us and He has, sometimes in ways that are just unexplainable.  He is so good to us in every way.  He provides for His children and blesses them.

We are tired of traveling with his job.  We came home to our new house (new to us house) which is beautiful.  We wanted to stay and do no more traveling.

It's been wonderful living by family and getting to be "back home".  We've spent time with everyone, including friends!  I wanted us to be able to put some "roots" down.  I wanted a home that my children would remember growing up in and would want to come back "home" to.  I wanted them to feel nastalgic as they come back home for visits when they are grown - just the way I do about my home growing up.  Just like I feel at my Nanny's house.  I wanted to "give" this to my children.  So, my sweet husband (feeling the same about wanting to stay home) started applying to jobs.  He kept getting answers back that he was "over qualified"  or no answer at all.

Then, God sent us another blessing.  There was a job open that a friend told us about.  He's a manager in the job but not one that can hire.  He took Kenny's resume in and immediately the owner told HR to get him on the phone.  A few weeks later he was called for an interview.  Then some time went along.  I kept FEELING GOD'S PEACE about the job.  We didn't know that he would get it or not.  But, that PEACE that surpasses understanding kept filling my heart.  And, I knew, no matter what - GOD was going to supply our needs even if they came from odd places like they have during this time.

Well, he got the call!  God blessed us again!  He got the job!  He starts in 2 weeks!  We were all so thrilled that we just kept praising GOD and thanking our Lord, God, that He chose to give us this job when jobs are so few and far between here in our little town.  He starts out a little under what we wanted but it will meet our needs!  PRAISE GOD!  After 90 days he will make what we were wanting!

Our Lord is so amazing!  He has taken care of us and blessed us so much!  We are so thankful, so grateful!  We get to stay home, rebuild our lives here as we have already taken up the pieces we had left behind by traveling.  We get to enjoy our parents and our children love seeing their grandparents.  Plus we have our siblings and their children and so much more.

Keep your faith.  We used to have a sticker in our old house on the bathroom that said, "Walk by FAITH; not by sight!"  Keep that in mind and keep praising God as you go through things and watch Him take you to the other side.

We feel and know we have received a miracle.
May we never lose sight of it!
Thank you, Lord!!


Modesty - There's more to it!!

>> Friday, June 29, 2012

Modesty seems to be the subject of many posts and conversations lately.  I've always dressed modest as an adult. (excuse my teenage years!  lol)  I do not wear skirts ONLY.  I do wear them most of the time though.  However I dress, I do it modestly as I feel I should for my husband, example to my children, and most importantly for my sweet Lord!!

But wait.... there's more.

We need to study our hearts.  Do our hearts show the same modesty as our clothes do?  Do we make sure we spend time with the Lord by the Bible and by prayer?  Do we pray for others or just ourselves and our own families?  Do we reach out to help others in need?  Do we share the Lord with others?  Do we lead a life that is as pure (hopefully MORE PURE) as how we dress.  Do we live a lifestyle of Jesus?  Do we put others before ourselves?  Do we strive hard to take care of our husbands and show him respect?  Do we take care of our children and raise them for Christ?  Do we seek to set an example for all the people we come in contact with?  Do you wear a smile on your face and brighten your countenance?  That smile might be the only good thing about someone's day that is having a bad day or is lonely, etc...  Are you living out loud a life for our Lord?

Yes, we do need to dress modestly, but we also need to be in prayer and the Bible to keep growing AND putting into action the things we are learning in the Bible to gain wisdom.

May you be blessed by our precious Lord today!!!


Prayers Please!

>> Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My husband has gone for an interview today.  Please pray for God's hand in this and His will.

Thank you so much!


Get your PRAISE on!!!!

>> Friday, June 22, 2012

Get your PRAISE on!!!  :)

It's amazing how much better your day, not to mention your whole life,  will be if you are praising God!

You can praise God with your mouth, with your hands lifted to him, or by the way you live as a living example of praise and encouragement.

I am really focusing on this lately and it's changed my whole outlook!  I feel better, I feel JOY and I know that I am praising the KING OF KINGS!

Also, consider what an example this would be to your family, the people in your life, and even those who get to know you as a new friend.  You will be a blessing and a joy to know!

My kids are JOYFUL when I am joyful!  They will even say, "Mommy, we love it when you are so happy!"  That's huge to me because it had been a long time since I felt true joy and true happiness.

It will change everything.  Be and live as someone who has their PRAISE on!!!!


>> Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to my NEW blog!  
My husband helped me to pick out Lullabies and Lipstick.
While I thought it was too cute and loved the design, I never felt I grew into it.  I was "A Thankful Mommy" for my years on Xanga and it just feels that's "me".  So, here I am and I will be posting here from now on.  Please, welcome to my blog!



>> Saturday, June 16, 2012

Children :)

Our children are such blessings from the Lord.  Each one has a beautiful gift and personality.  They are wonderful as they are special.

Do you spend time with your children?

Do you take time each day to make sure your child(ren) know they are important to you and mean so much to you?  Do you *SHOW* them how much you love them?

What are some of the ways you do this?


All skirts? Headcoverings? Annointing Oil?

>> Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do you wear all skirts?  What about a head covering?

Let's start with skirts, shall we?  I have gone back and forth through the years of "all skirts" and times of not.  I want to follow God and do ONLY HIS WILL.  What are your thoughts?  What are your thoughts based on?  I tend to lean to "all skirts" but my husband does not believe this and we have 4 daughters that I am not allowed to put in all skirts/ dresses.  That always discourages me.  I also have family who make fun of me and tell me I look fat in the skirts.  Please, share with me.  Also, please share any tips.

Headcoverings...  I have many.  My husband loves for me to wear them.  He doesn't feel the need for our daughters to wear them.  He has, at times, had me put head coverings on all of us when there have been people around or going to be people in our home that we feel bring about bad spirits.  This hasn't happened while living back home, however.  Mainly it was when we lived in Florida next door to a lady and her daughter that I was trying to encourage in the Lord that considered themselves witches.  Please share your ideas and again, any tips you may have.

Annointing oil.  I fully believe in using it.  I need to find more scripture to back that up.  I have some in my purse, even.  Your thoughts?


Pondering about life at home..

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I have been pondering about life at home and being a homemaker.  I haven't had an "AHA!" moment but I have been considering something.  We know, as wives and mothers, the many things we need and should do.  I was thinking of housework in particular.  There are things you must do.  You can let a lot get away and raise your family in a pig sty (yes, I've been there) but even then there are things you can't escape doing such as dishes, laundry and some type of food preparation.  I became a Mom at 17 years old.  Yes, I know, too young.  I have learned many lessons since then.  I have learned to go above just doing what "HAS" to be done to what needs and should be done.

My thoughts are that we should truly slow down, stop rushing each day away and enjoy the things we do.  Why not?  They need and should be done so why not teach yourself to enjoy the process and the finished product, not to mention the gift it is to your family.  I no longer rush around like crazy to get everything done in a hurry.  I enjoy the process as I go at my own pace, taking breaks, including my children in fun things as well as helping with the things that should be done.  They love to work beside me.  They find JOY in what we are doing and they delight with me in the final moment of completion of whatever we have been working on.  Also, their help truly helps me, teaches them how to do things for one day in their own homes AND allows us to spend even more time together.

It's a win - win situation.  :)
Please, let me encourage you today.  Stop, relax and enjoy what you are doing in your homes.  You'll find yourself going a step further, doing an even better job, not feeling exhausted and bitter, AND finding great delight in the work you have done or the work you have done with your children helping along side you.


A Lovely day

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today has been such a lovely day!

I wish I had pictures to share.  (what is everyone using now that we no longer have picnik?)

I woke up at 7 a.m. and had my quiet time with the Lord.  I started a load of dishes and piddled around the house and prayed and such for a couple of hours.

The girls woke up and I made them some biscuits.  They enjoyed them because they have been having a lot of waffles.  So, this was a nice "treat" for them.  I am planning for muffins in the morning but I am going to make them tonight, I think.

We worked together and put away the dishes and my hubby ran a cleaning cycle on the dishwasher with lemons in there and I think some vinegar too but I'm not sure on that.

We left to go meet friends at Burger K!ng.  They have a big in door place place that's really nice.  I saw my cousin, Brandi there.  She was there with her dad and her children.  So I got to see them and our friends (the Autreys)  The Autrey family is like family to us as well!  We had such a good visit.  My friend, Leslie, bought all of the children ice cream cones after lunch.  (so sweet)

After that, I did a few errands for my hubby and then we got what we needed for dinner tonight, the muffin packets, and some goldfish crackers.  We were relaxed and happy and things went without stress or me having anxiety which was wonderful.

We came home and I loaded another load of dishes.  (my dishwasher has been down so I had 3 days of dishes to get cleaned, aweful, right?)  We all had some free time and relaxed.  At that point I was needing some time out to just be quiet and relax.  I had been "doing" since 7 a.m. and was getting overwhelmed.  I listened to that feeling and took a break.  I'm glad that I did.  :)  I had the girls play in the play room during this time.

Soon it was time for supper.  We made an easy meal:  barbeque weenies, mac-n-cheese and ranch beans.  Sarah Faith cut up the weenies.  Madi Grace made the mac-n-cheese.  Hannah stirred on each as needed.  I made the ranch beans then we each grabbed a plate and had our dinner.  It was easy, simple and I was not stressed.  The girls cleared their plates and had extra.  (even Hannah ate everything and normally will not eat beans.  She asked for seconds on every item)  

My hubby cleaned off the coffee table which was piling up and a chair nearby that is a catch all.  I was so happy and thankful for that.  (of course I told him so!  smile)  

Now, we are all having some down time while the dishes in the dishwasher cool down from the "dry cycle."  We'll then work together to get them put away and a last load going.

All day my girls kept thanking me again and again.  I finally asked what they were so thankful for and they said that they were thankful I was happy which made them happy.  (and they did name a couple of things like biscuits for breakfast and having lunch with friends also)  However, they said they would have been just as happy at home today because I was happy and it made such a good day.

I should be happy more often.



>> Sunday, March 25, 2012

I have been feeling down a bit here lately.  I don't know exactly what to do to "make it go away."  I feel a little sad and just down.  I am trying to keep my home and do the things I need to do.  We still do school every day.  I'm getting by but I am just feeling this way for some reason.  Would you pray for me as I seek Him for the answers.

I would be so grateful, Cass


A Fun Day!!!

>> Friday, March 16, 2012

Today was a fun day!  I went to lunch with my friend, Tami.
We enjoyed lunch and then went resale shopping!  

We both found goodies!  I am going to do my guest room in a vintage/cottage chic style.  I found a few things today that are perfect to go in that room.  I have a long way to get the room going because I do not have furniture in there yet so right now I just have accessories and such.  I am putting them away for when I get the furniture going in there.  I'm going to carefully choose great finds that have the look of what I'm going for as I find them.  It should be a fun room to "build"..  

Tomorrow we are going to the lake with my in laws and it will be great fun!  We went last Saturday also!  The girls love picking up pieces of wood for the fire and we will make smores and enjoy eating them!!!  

A few days ago, my neighbor, brought me some pecans that were already cracked and cleaned and ready to go!  What a sweet blessing!  I baked a pie recently and took a piece next door to meet him.  This was a sweet way for him to reach out to us with a goodie!

Next week is going to be a "get to hard work" week!  My husband is building some furniture to sell that is made of pure cedar wood.  My table he made me is beautiful and I am enjoying it so much.  I hope it does well for us.  We want to stay home and not have to travel anymore.  We are going to do several things to keep money coming in so we can be here and do well.  :)  Please keep that in prayer.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


We have been sick still. Question?

>> Sunday, February 26, 2012

We have been sick.  I am sick now.  The girls are getting better but my husband and I still have it pretty badly.  We are coughing so hard that your chest and head hurt.  Prayers would be so wonderful, if you will.  :)

My question:

What is one thing you do on a regular basis to show your husband how special and loved he is?



A Lovely Day!

>> Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today was another peaceful day.  Although my sweet family is still coughing something awful.  I wish I could make them all better.

I made banana bread for the first time and it turned out lovely!

My sweet husband made supper - he fried catfish, fries and hush puppies.  Everything was so delicious!

We had school today and did our regular chores.  It was just a nice day all the way around.



Good Morning!

Yesterday I was so tired I could barely hold my head up all day long.  I kept holding it up and my hubby  kept encouraging me to take a nap.  I've done SO MUCH WORK and baking and cooking over the last week that my body had finally taken it's toll.  I took about a 30 minute nap on the couch while my sweet husband ordered pizza for dinner.  Thankfully we have an "in town" pizza place that's really inexpensive.

Last night I went to bed around 8:30 and prayed that God would wake me up early and He did.  I woke up at around 7 a.m. this morning.  I got my Bible study time done and time to read a little of a blog.  Now, I'm resting a bit as I sit here and plan out our day.

Hannah needs a haircut and I need to pick up the girls' allergy medicine.  We have an aweful cough going on around here that everyone has caught.  I thought I was getting it last night but instead I was just very weary and tired.  I woke up this morning praising the Lord for waking me up before my family and giving me this time.  They will all be waking up soon or will be woken up.

I want to encourage you today to not take on more than you can handle and end up weary like I was yesterday but instead to take each day and work hard but unhurried and enjoy all that you are doing.  I was enjoying it so much that I started doing too much all at once and just got too worn out.  I will be working peacefully and hard in my day today and will be pleased with all I get accomplished.  My husband and my girls are loving all that Mommy does each day and that is a true blessing!

Remember why you are working and keep God at the head of all that you do.  Keep walking towards the goal and moving forward.

God bless your day!


A Beautiful day at Home

>> Monday, February 20, 2012

Today has been such a lovely day!

Before bedtime last night, I tried my hand at making homemade biscuits for the first time.  My husband said they were as good as his Grandma's were!  What a sweet compliment!  I wrapped them up and put them on the counter for breakfast.

I woke up just before my first little angel woke up, Madi Grace.
She had her biscuits with butter and a cup of orange juice.
So did each child as they woke up.  They all enjoyed them!

I will have to make those often.

Before I went to bed last night, I wrote each a little post it to welcome them to their day and said something sweet about each child on it.
After they ate breakfast, they brushed their teeth and got ready.  We started school and worked our way through.

This is how I make our bed in the mornings.  The girls make theirs also and they take turns making Hannah's for her.

After school....

They played with the play doh!  Oh the fun!
Hannah had been asking to "play with doh" before she went to bed last night.  First thing this morning, she remembered.

Madi & Sarah used clay instead.  They were having a fun time as well.  I love seeing what they all create!

After that, Sarah Faith and I made a homemade peach pie.  It was so yummy!  My hubby kept getting into it before dinner time.  lol!

My hubby helped me decorate the girls bedroom walls.  I pointed out where I wanted things and he hung them there very securely.  I appreciated his work helping me with that!

Madi Grace helped me cook supper - which is where I "cheated" - I made Lasagna Hamburger He lper.  She did most of it with my guidance and I took over at the end.  Everyone cleared their plates tonight and then dove into the pie!

I cut a large piece and took it to our neighbor, Mr. Baker.  (my neighbor on the other side is my brother in law - hubby's brother)  Mr. Baker was so kind and very appreciative.  It felt great doing that.  It was my first time of meeting him.

I came back over to home and the girls were dressing up in dance costumes and were putting on a delightful show for us!  What fun!  They were squeeling with laughter!  I was enjoying it immensely.  Daddy was watching them also and they enjoyed that too!

Tonight, we will finish off our night with some hot chocolate with marshmellows in it.  I think this has been an awesome day and that will be the perfect way to end it.

As for tomorrow, I got the ingredients to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  So, that will be fun being my first time as well.

One precious thing I left out was I had to run to the store today to grab ingredients and I looked up at Sarah who had gone with me and she was just smiling a happy hearted smile.  I asked what she was smiling about and she said, "peach pie!!!"  Madi Grace said today that she was so happy because I was happy and that made her happy.  She also said that a huge part of her happiness today was peach pie!  lol  Sweet baby girls!

I am SOOOOOO blessed!!


Mommy being Home

>> Sunday, February 19, 2012

When Mommy is home it seems everything goes much more smoothly and everyone is happy!  Including Mommy!

I am slowing down on my going places because it will save our gas and I need to be here to get things done and be with my children.  I've always been a people person and loved to go visiting and do stuff like that.  I love spending time with my friend, Leslie, and she enjoys it too.  We've been doing a little routine where I go to her house once during her time off and she comes to mine on one of the days.  This is great because we can hang out or help each other or whatever we decide to do.  Yet, it leaves me time to be at home to do the things that I am needed here for.  My kids are much happier as is my sweet hubby.  My house looks nice and each day it just gets better and better as well as maintained.  I enjoy it and it passes a lovely day.

My darling husband is fearful that I will get weary and not keep doing all that I am doing but I am trusting the Lord to keep my heart where it needs to be - at home and on my family.  I hope as he sees me continue without going so much that his trust and dependence on me continues to grow.  We have been so happy working together.  He's been working on his computer doing college and I've been cleaning, maintaining and running the household.  If I were away from home, it would leave everything on him and he would not be able to get many things done.

Home, husbands and children need mother's touch.  Whether it's kissing a boo boo, helping answer questions in homeschool or the touch that I put on our home.  Mommy really does set the tone of the home as my husband says.

My children have loved me being home and I am here most of the time now, putting away at doing my work, helping them, cooking, and all the things that need to be done at home and with my sweet family.  The Lord chose me for my husband, children and home.  So, again I must be here to fulfill that ministry God has placed me in.

I have agreed to take on one thing out of our home and that is to start helping on Wednesday nights with Team Kids at Church.  My girls have been going for quite some time.  It's from 6:30 til 8 PM.  I felt this was something I could do that would not put too much on my plate and would be yet another ministry and example to my children.

I hope you find encouragement here.  I am learning as I go!


Hospitality and My Day

>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today started off as a wonderful day.  I had planned as of last night that today we would make some muffins today.

We woke up and got things going around the home and then set out to make our muffins.

I decided we would make a double batch.  One to keep and one to take next door to meet our neighbor that we have not yet met.

Blueberry muffins it was!

Sarah Faith was stirring the batter for me.

Madi Grace took her turn to stir.  She said, "Mama, this batter seems a lot wetter than it usually is."  I had put the double batch together.  I thought it looked a little watery too but that it must be right.

Sarah Faith is pouring the batter in on her side of the pan.  It sure looked a bit milky but I just thought it was just turning out that way.

I flipped the pan around to make it easier for Madi Grace to reach as she poured hers in.  I got curious and looked back at the recipe.  OOPS!!!!  I had put in 1 cup of milk per batch so 2 cups of milk were in the batter.  I realized I had misread the recipe.  It called for 1/2 cup milk so I had double the milk in there.  I was not sure they would turn out.

They came out but were flat.  My hubby snuck one when I wasn't paying attention.  Thank goodness we were keeping half of them.  LOL!  He said they were good and very moist and the only trouble was that the blueberries were on bottom.  He said they were still good and I should still take some to the neighbor.  We fixed a plate of half a dozen muffins (he lives alone as a widow) and covered them.  We walked next door and knocked and knocked but no one came to the door.  So, tomorrow we will try again and if we get no answer we will eat them and make him some fresh ones on Monday and try again.  The next time I will know my lesson on the milk!

I did a few more things at home, just peacefully working at a gentle, enjoyable pace.  Then, I went to a friend's house and spent some time with her.  We went to eat and then to get a saw my husband was needing as he is building more of our furniture.  We had such a nice time.  I brought Hailey and Meagan home with me.  They are my God children as is their sister Jessica.  The girls played until very late and then all went to bed.  What a nice day!

Being hospitable is something I think is very important.  We wanted to bless Mr. Baker as we went over to meet him with some muffins.  Being alone I doubt he makes himself such treats and things.  We were dressed nicely and had our muffins to deliver and introduce ourselves.  I hope tomorrow he will be at home and answer the door so we can say hello and give him our treat.

Late this evening I have enjoyed spending time talking to my dear husband and just enjoying his company.  We've also had some talk about hard things we've been through and things we plan to do in the future.  We talked about being up on the mountain top in our relationship and our home life.... even tho our means are small right now.  God is just so good to provide all that we have.  We are just so much happier now than we were living away from our home area and traveling to make the money.

I am enjoying doing my housework and taking care of my husband and children.  Tomorrow we look forward to Saturday company.  It might get a bit messy but it will be simple to clean up.  I am fixing dinner for everyone.  Spaghetti.  Simple yet yummy.

Blessings to you and your family!


Welcome to my Kitchen!

>> Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome to my Kitchen!

Today after the kitchen was cleaned and shined up I decided to putter around a bit in there and make things prettier.  A couple of days ago I got a new table cloth for $5.  It is vinyl because that's the easiest to keep right now with a little one making messes when she eats.  :)  It was time to take the Valentine's one off.

This is where our table sits.  It connects in with the kitchen.
We add two more chairs when we sit to eat as a family.

This is what sits on our table.  The plant on the left was given to me by my friend's mom after she died.  The flowers on it bloomed just before Valentine's Day.  In the middle is a birdhouse that holds candles in different areas that are hanging inside.  It's the one thing we bought when the day we signed for our new house.  The plant on the right is one that I bought in honor of my grandfather who died.  I called him Karo.  So these are special things to me.  My husband came in tonight and complimented how nice the tablecloth looked.

Here is the first corner of my kitchen.  You can see our cat, Asher, as he's leaving the area.  Also we found a little field mouse eating in one of our cabinets so we had to sit out poison so the cereal bags are having to stay under that part of the counter for another week.

This is the other side of my kitchen.  I can see in the picture that the outside of my oven needs a good shining!  This is where yummy things are made.  I especially enjoy baking with the girls.  My hubby is the best cook ever though.  He does a lot of the cooking.

I am blessed!!


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