Created a Beautiful Bulletin board -- Hannah's Room

>> Saturday, February 26, 2011

We recently went to our little friend, Ava's, birthday party.
For her gift, I created a bulletin board and loved it so I made Hannah Joy one exactly like it.  We also gave her a butterfly frame with her and Hannah's pic in it since her room is butterflies.
Here is an exact copy I just made for Hannah's room & a little bonus.

The bulletin board is 2ft x 3ft in measurement.

For Ava's I did a ton of jewel covered or little flower covered push pins that were flat heads.  I've still got to do this for Hannah.
Here are some close ups of the corners.

The "Princess" is very pink but my flash didn't show it well.

The corner flowers are hot pink, purple and teal.  All with dots - love it!

Then... I found the below on sale and got one for Hannah and Ava during Valentine's Day week at Michaels.  I don't think it will look "Valentine's" up in their rooms!

Ya like?  With all the girly pink things I think it will go quite nicely.
Gotta  love the glue gun and Allene's Tacky Glue!



The flu knocked us all down!

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

We spent almost a week now with the flu and it has been aweful.  It started with my sweet Madi Grace then traveled through all of us with us all being sick part of the time.  Every single one of us got it.  We each had temps at 104 at some point or points during this time.

I'm much better.  Everyone is on the mend.  Sarah Faith and my hubby still have it the most.  Hannah Joy a little bit too.  Madi Grace still has a fever but has felt better for two days.
This is one thing I hope we never have again!
I'll be back to blogging now :)


I am So Excited!!!!!!!!!

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hannah Joy went pee pee on the potty for the first time today!
We are so thrilled!
Hannah, you are such a big girl!  Mommy is so proud of you!  I had to mark this occasion so one day you'd look back and see how proud we are!!!  You got a pack of gummy animals for a treat and we were all squeeling and clapping - so were you!  This is a huge day for you and we are so happy!!!  Way to go, my little darlin!!!!!!
Love, Mommy


Valentine's Day 2011

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

A little treat I put together for my friend, Casey and one for me.  :)
Inexpensive but good smelling and fun!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day with Casey and her children and my girls and me.  It was a lot of fun!
 However, even on Valentine's Day - we needed to have school :)
Afterall, they had a huge treat in store for the late afternoon.

Here is our table all set up and ready for our guests.

Each place set had their plate, cup and a heart succer on a clear straw type thing.  See it on the left?  All were different colors.

The party has begun!
I passed out the bright colored stuffed animals I got them and Casey passed out the delicious box of candy for each one along with a gorgeous candy rose to each girl from her son, Christopher.
She also brought cookies and Hawaiian punch!
What a treat!

You know me, I had to have a craft to do!
So after they ate their cookies and had punch, I pulled out the craft.  They were little teddybears with a valentine heart that they held.

Here is Madi Grace with hers completed just right!

Sarah Faith with hers done all up right.

.. and Christopher putting up with our girly craft!
His were perfect too!  They all did so great!!

Before they left I grabbed a group shop but somehow Christopher wasn't in it - he must have been playing somewhere!  :)  :)

For Valentine's Day, my Sweetheart came home at lunch with a beautiful gift - something he remembered that I love and had to leave behind in Florida - a gorgeous easter lily plant!!!!!
Isn't it beautiful?

What an awesome Valentine's we ALL had!


Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party Fun!

>> Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our little friend, Ava, had her 4th bday party Saturday.
She is adorable and her little party was spectactular!
Here are some fun pictures from the day.

Ava with her beautiful birthday cake!
Happy 4th Birthday!!

Ava's Mom & Dad
Casey, her Mom, is a great friend!

Hannah Joy had fun!  Here she is going down the slide.

Ava coming down the slide!  Wheeee!!!!

Here comes Madi Grace!!!!!!!!

My girls with Ava & her brother, Christopher!
Slide FUN!!!

Ava, Christopher & Hannah Joy

They had so much fun!!  It wore me completely out!  LOL!
I came home and took a never~ending nap ;)



>> Friday, February 11, 2011

Last night, my sweet husband took the girls and me out to dinner at our favorite place, On the Border, to celebrate our 11th anniversary.

I had Madi Grace take a picture of us together.
He is so good to me, to all of us.  I am blessed!

He is so romantic and sweet and got me roses as well.
He picked out the most Victorian looking ones he could find.
He knows that's what I love!
They have baby's breath in them and they are a pale ivory with a touch of blush color to them.  The color didn't show up well here but they are beautiful and I love them.  Mr. Wonderful!

We had a great evening.  We went to eat and enjoyed that and then we went to wal mart and he ran in and got a memory foam topper for our bed because the mattress, although new, is making us both wake up feeling sore.  It's a pillow top but it's not enough.  The new topper he got last night made me sleep like a rock!  I learned this morning, however, he didn't get hardly any sleep because I hogged up the bed!  Oops!  Poor thing.  :(  He said he didn't have the heart to wake me to scoot over because I was sleeping so well.
Then this morning I took a snapshot of each child.

This is Miss Hannah having lunch.  She wouldn't have put down the cheese for the picture even if I had begged, LOL!

Here's Sarah Faith being lazy bones ;)
Notice, she still has her phone right with her.  LOL!

...and Miss Madi Grace playing a game on her phone!
Yep, still in pajamas.  We just finished another unit so we had today off!  Since it's Friday it gives us a long weekend which is great!
I am SO thankful for the family God chose to give me.  I love my husband very much and I praise God for blessing me to give birth to four amazing girls.  I am a blessed girl!  :)



Looking back...Capturing it....and Now.

>> Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time goes by so quickly.
We blink and our babies are crawling, then walking.
As they get older you blink and they go from being a toddler to becoming a young lady of God.  That is, if you are leading them to Him.  No matter how fast time goes, you are in this moment.

Nothing can take this moment away.  Savor it!
Do you really take time to enjoy your children as individuals?  Do you celebrate who they are?  Do you tell them how precious they are to you?  Do you still get down and play with them?  Do you take into consideration while cooking dinner to make something special now and again for each child that they love?  Do you point it out to them so they know it was made purposefully for them?

Here are my girls last year.  We were living in South Florida.

They look so much younger to me here than they do now as I look at each one!  Time has gone by.  Hannah Joy is barefoot in this picture and I love seeing her little feet.  Look how cute Madi Grace is posing!  Sarah Faith with a precious smile as she has her hair done up in her favorite - pig tails.  Still her favorite.  We were getting ready to go to church and I grabbed this real fast.  I'm so glad I did.

Take those pictures, Mommies!  :)  We joke because I carry my camera in my purse because I always want to catch a pic when I see one to catch!  Sometimes it's a ton of pics...  Lately, I have fallen down on taking as many pictures but tonight looking through old pictures, I'm encouraged to keep taking many.
I hope to encourage you to savor the moments!



>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three weeks ago, Madi Grace asked if we could do pajama days on Mondays.  I said, "sure!"  Anything to make school more fun and exciting on Mondays!  We are sticking to that.  We were out last week but we had pajama day again today.

Something I have added to our school is another class called Creative Writing.  Each day the girls are assigned 3 things to put together in a picture on the front and a writing on the back to create a story.  Some days they get to choose their own 3 items.  It's been fun adding that in!  I love seeing their imaginations come out!
Madi Grace is wanting to learn French.  So, I am going to be looking for a good way online to teach her french where we can hear the word pronounced properly.  That way we do not just know the word, we will also know how to speak it.  I think this will be fun.  I love spanish and they've learned some of that but Madi Grace is really, really wanting to learn FRENCH!  So, I'm going with it!

Anything new in your heartschooling that you have added in?


Snow Days!

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

Last week we again got tons of snow and lots of ice!
It was so cold we could barely keep the house warm!
We took the week off for Winter break from school.

It really was *THAT* cold!
We all stayed bundled up and wearing extra clothing!
Madi Grace looks so adorable there all bundled up!

Hannah Joy is in extra layers with her hoodie on as well.
She loves loves loves to "cut" so she was fine and dandy to hop up at the table during the freezing cold and cut awhile... til Mommy made her get down and get under some warm covers!

Sarah Faith laying on the couch in her hoodie and pjs wrapped up in a blanket.  I was freezing!  The girls were too!!!!!

A cozy, tons of layers, pallet was needed!  So we grabbed up pillows and all the blankets and made a huge pallet and had a movie day!
We actually did this most every day last week just to stay warm!
So we spent our Winter Break under blankets watching movies!

A peek outside the back door.  I stood in the doorway to take this because it was freezing cold!  I thought it was beautiful though.

Then, I took some out the front door from the door way!

This is our sidewalk and believe me, I wasn't trapsing out in that!
On one of the days, Daddy took the girls outside to play and throw snowballs into the swimming pool.  I didn't go.  I was just too stinkin' cold!  They lasted about 5 minutes and were back indoors!

We had a nice time being off and having movie days.  It was relaxing and we got to just all enjoy each other.  Today, we started back to school.  It's still cold but not near as cold as it was last week!

Praying you have a blessed week!


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