My sweetheart started his new job Today!

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today, my husband started his new job!

We have missed him a lot!  Sarah has cried for him several times today.  We've done a lot though!

I'm keeping a daily list of what we eat and what we accomplish.  We've gotten so much done today that my husband will be delighted when he comes home!  We've also played UNO and such in between doing things.  We've all had fun!

It has been wonderful.  I prayed God would help us have a wonderful and productive day!  He answered!  My husband will also be coming home to a hot meal.

I'm so happy when things go this way.  I love being a servant to my family - it gives me such joy.  A routine is so nice to have.  I already have tomorrow planned out as well.  :)  We love working and playing together!  Today has been the best of two worlds!!!!



God has blessed us again!

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God has carried us through about 9  months at home.  We've been through our savings and have had just his unemployment.  We bought a house just before we came home from Kenny's job in Dallas.  We have trusted God to provide for us and He has, sometimes in ways that are just unexplainable.  He is so good to us in every way.  He provides for His children and blesses them.

We are tired of traveling with his job.  We came home to our new house (new to us house) which is beautiful.  We wanted to stay and do no more traveling.

It's been wonderful living by family and getting to be "back home".  We've spent time with everyone, including friends!  I wanted us to be able to put some "roots" down.  I wanted a home that my children would remember growing up in and would want to come back "home" to.  I wanted them to feel nastalgic as they come back home for visits when they are grown - just the way I do about my home growing up.  Just like I feel at my Nanny's house.  I wanted to "give" this to my children.  So, my sweet husband (feeling the same about wanting to stay home) started applying to jobs.  He kept getting answers back that he was "over qualified"  or no answer at all.

Then, God sent us another blessing.  There was a job open that a friend told us about.  He's a manager in the job but not one that can hire.  He took Kenny's resume in and immediately the owner told HR to get him on the phone.  A few weeks later he was called for an interview.  Then some time went along.  I kept FEELING GOD'S PEACE about the job.  We didn't know that he would get it or not.  But, that PEACE that surpasses understanding kept filling my heart.  And, I knew, no matter what - GOD was going to supply our needs even if they came from odd places like they have during this time.

Well, he got the call!  God blessed us again!  He got the job!  He starts in 2 weeks!  We were all so thrilled that we just kept praising GOD and thanking our Lord, God, that He chose to give us this job when jobs are so few and far between here in our little town.  He starts out a little under what we wanted but it will meet our needs!  PRAISE GOD!  After 90 days he will make what we were wanting!

Our Lord is so amazing!  He has taken care of us and blessed us so much!  We are so thankful, so grateful!  We get to stay home, rebuild our lives here as we have already taken up the pieces we had left behind by traveling.  We get to enjoy our parents and our children love seeing their grandparents.  Plus we have our siblings and their children and so much more.

Keep your faith.  We used to have a sticker in our old house on the bathroom that said, "Walk by FAITH; not by sight!"  Keep that in mind and keep praising God as you go through things and watch Him take you to the other side.

We feel and know we have received a miracle.
May we never lose sight of it!
Thank you, Lord!!


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