Modesty - There's more to it!!

>> Friday, June 29, 2012

Modesty seems to be the subject of many posts and conversations lately.  I've always dressed modest as an adult. (excuse my teenage years!  lol)  I do not wear skirts ONLY.  I do wear them most of the time though.  However I dress, I do it modestly as I feel I should for my husband, example to my children, and most importantly for my sweet Lord!!

But wait.... there's more.

We need to study our hearts.  Do our hearts show the same modesty as our clothes do?  Do we make sure we spend time with the Lord by the Bible and by prayer?  Do we pray for others or just ourselves and our own families?  Do we reach out to help others in need?  Do we share the Lord with others?  Do we lead a life that is as pure (hopefully MORE PURE) as how we dress.  Do we live a lifestyle of Jesus?  Do we put others before ourselves?  Do we strive hard to take care of our husbands and show him respect?  Do we take care of our children and raise them for Christ?  Do we seek to set an example for all the people we come in contact with?  Do you wear a smile on your face and brighten your countenance?  That smile might be the only good thing about someone's day that is having a bad day or is lonely, etc...  Are you living out loud a life for our Lord?

Yes, we do need to dress modestly, but we also need to be in prayer and the Bible to keep growing AND putting into action the things we are learning in the Bible to gain wisdom.

May you be blessed by our precious Lord today!!!


Prayers Please!

>> Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My husband has gone for an interview today.  Please pray for God's hand in this and His will.

Thank you so much!


Get your PRAISE on!!!!

>> Friday, June 22, 2012

Get your PRAISE on!!!  :)

It's amazing how much better your day, not to mention your whole life,  will be if you are praising God!

You can praise God with your mouth, with your hands lifted to him, or by the way you live as a living example of praise and encouragement.

I am really focusing on this lately and it's changed my whole outlook!  I feel better, I feel JOY and I know that I am praising the KING OF KINGS!

Also, consider what an example this would be to your family, the people in your life, and even those who get to know you as a new friend.  You will be a blessing and a joy to know!

My kids are JOYFUL when I am joyful!  They will even say, "Mommy, we love it when you are so happy!"  That's huge to me because it had been a long time since I felt true joy and true happiness.

It will change everything.  Be and live as someone who has their PRAISE on!!!!


>> Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to my NEW blog!  
My husband helped me to pick out Lullabies and Lipstick.
While I thought it was too cute and loved the design, I never felt I grew into it.  I was "A Thankful Mommy" for my years on Xanga and it just feels that's "me".  So, here I am and I will be posting here from now on.  Please, welcome to my blog!



>> Saturday, June 16, 2012

Children :)

Our children are such blessings from the Lord.  Each one has a beautiful gift and personality.  They are wonderful as they are special.

Do you spend time with your children?

Do you take time each day to make sure your child(ren) know they are important to you and mean so much to you?  Do you *SHOW* them how much you love them?

What are some of the ways you do this?


All skirts? Headcoverings? Annointing Oil?

>> Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do you wear all skirts?  What about a head covering?

Let's start with skirts, shall we?  I have gone back and forth through the years of "all skirts" and times of not.  I want to follow God and do ONLY HIS WILL.  What are your thoughts?  What are your thoughts based on?  I tend to lean to "all skirts" but my husband does not believe this and we have 4 daughters that I am not allowed to put in all skirts/ dresses.  That always discourages me.  I also have family who make fun of me and tell me I look fat in the skirts.  Please, share with me.  Also, please share any tips.

Headcoverings...  I have many.  My husband loves for me to wear them.  He doesn't feel the need for our daughters to wear them.  He has, at times, had me put head coverings on all of us when there have been people around or going to be people in our home that we feel bring about bad spirits.  This hasn't happened while living back home, however.  Mainly it was when we lived in Florida next door to a lady and her daughter that I was trying to encourage in the Lord that considered themselves witches.  Please share your ideas and again, any tips you may have.

Annointing oil.  I fully believe in using it.  I need to find more scripture to back that up.  I have some in my purse, even.  Your thoughts?


Pondering about life at home..

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I have been pondering about life at home and being a homemaker.  I haven't had an "AHA!" moment but I have been considering something.  We know, as wives and mothers, the many things we need and should do.  I was thinking of housework in particular.  There are things you must do.  You can let a lot get away and raise your family in a pig sty (yes, I've been there) but even then there are things you can't escape doing such as dishes, laundry and some type of food preparation.  I became a Mom at 17 years old.  Yes, I know, too young.  I have learned many lessons since then.  I have learned to go above just doing what "HAS" to be done to what needs and should be done.

My thoughts are that we should truly slow down, stop rushing each day away and enjoy the things we do.  Why not?  They need and should be done so why not teach yourself to enjoy the process and the finished product, not to mention the gift it is to your family.  I no longer rush around like crazy to get everything done in a hurry.  I enjoy the process as I go at my own pace, taking breaks, including my children in fun things as well as helping with the things that should be done.  They love to work beside me.  They find JOY in what we are doing and they delight with me in the final moment of completion of whatever we have been working on.  Also, their help truly helps me, teaches them how to do things for one day in their own homes AND allows us to spend even more time together.

It's a win - win situation.  :)
Please, let me encourage you today.  Stop, relax and enjoy what you are doing in your homes.  You'll find yourself going a step further, doing an even better job, not feeling exhausted and bitter, AND finding great delight in the work you have done or the work you have done with your children helping along side you.


A Lovely day

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today has been such a lovely day!

I wish I had pictures to share.  (what is everyone using now that we no longer have picnik?)

I woke up at 7 a.m. and had my quiet time with the Lord.  I started a load of dishes and piddled around the house and prayed and such for a couple of hours.

The girls woke up and I made them some biscuits.  They enjoyed them because they have been having a lot of waffles.  So, this was a nice "treat" for them.  I am planning for muffins in the morning but I am going to make them tonight, I think.

We worked together and put away the dishes and my hubby ran a cleaning cycle on the dishwasher with lemons in there and I think some vinegar too but I'm not sure on that.

We left to go meet friends at Burger K!ng.  They have a big in door place place that's really nice.  I saw my cousin, Brandi there.  She was there with her dad and her children.  So I got to see them and our friends (the Autreys)  The Autrey family is like family to us as well!  We had such a good visit.  My friend, Leslie, bought all of the children ice cream cones after lunch.  (so sweet)

After that, I did a few errands for my hubby and then we got what we needed for dinner tonight, the muffin packets, and some goldfish crackers.  We were relaxed and happy and things went without stress or me having anxiety which was wonderful.

We came home and I loaded another load of dishes.  (my dishwasher has been down so I had 3 days of dishes to get cleaned, aweful, right?)  We all had some free time and relaxed.  At that point I was needing some time out to just be quiet and relax.  I had been "doing" since 7 a.m. and was getting overwhelmed.  I listened to that feeling and took a break.  I'm glad that I did.  :)  I had the girls play in the play room during this time.

Soon it was time for supper.  We made an easy meal:  barbeque weenies, mac-n-cheese and ranch beans.  Sarah Faith cut up the weenies.  Madi Grace made the mac-n-cheese.  Hannah stirred on each as needed.  I made the ranch beans then we each grabbed a plate and had our dinner.  It was easy, simple and I was not stressed.  The girls cleared their plates and had extra.  (even Hannah ate everything and normally will not eat beans.  She asked for seconds on every item)  

My hubby cleaned off the coffee table which was piling up and a chair nearby that is a catch all.  I was so happy and thankful for that.  (of course I told him so!  smile)  

Now, we are all having some down time while the dishes in the dishwasher cool down from the "dry cycle."  We'll then work together to get them put away and a last load going.

All day my girls kept thanking me again and again.  I finally asked what they were so thankful for and they said that they were thankful I was happy which made them happy.  (and they did name a couple of things like biscuits for breakfast and having lunch with friends also)  However, they said they would have been just as happy at home today because I was happy and it made such a good day.

I should be happy more often.


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